The MCPR-IAPR Best Paper Award and MCPR-IAPR Student Paper Award winners will be invited to send extended papers to the special section devoted to MCPR in the “Pattern Recognition Letters” Journal.

Authors must consider that an extended paper means at least a difference of 40% regarding theory content, experimental results, and references. In addition, the extended versions will be peer-reviewed according to the rules of the journals.

MCPR-IAPR Student Paper Award:

Improving the Identification of Abusive Language through Careful Design of Pre-training Tasks

Horacio Jarquín-Vásquez, Hugo Jair Escalante, and Manuel Montes-y-Gómez

Patterns in Genesis of Breast Cancer Tumor

Moises León and Matías Alvarado

MCPR-IAPR Best Paper Award:

Comparison of Classifiers in Challenge Scheme

Sergio Nava-Muñoz, Mario Graff Guerrero, and Hugo Jair Escalante

Machine-learning based Estimation of the Bending Magnitude Sensed by a Fiber Optic Device

Luis M. Valentín-Coronado, Rodolfo Martínez-Manuel, Jonathan Esquivel-Hernández, and Sophie LaRochelle

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