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Early Registration (before April 22th, 2023) $450 USD $475 USD
Late Registration (after April 22th, 2023) $500 USD $525 USD

Author Registration must be paid in U.S. Dollars (USD).


1 Conference registration fee includes: Online Proceedings and Diploma.

2 The registration fee must be paid in MXN (using the current exchange rate) via bank transfer to the below account, mentioning MCPR2023 as reference. Please make sure the amount paid does not incur any expense

for MCPR2023.

3 Accepted papers will be included in the proceedings if at least one of the authors attend to the conference and pay the registration fee before April 20, 2023.

4 If you want to be a member of the MACVNR (which is an IAPR association), you must send your name, institution, address, and research interests to mcpr2023@inaoep.mx in order to be affiliated (Currently, affiliation to MACVNR is free).

Bank transfer data:

Bank: BBVA Bancomer

Name of the holder: INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ASTROFÍSICA, ÓPTICA Y ELECTRÓNICA Account number: 0447531435

Standard Key (CLABE): 012 650 00447531435 4


ABA: 021000021

Branch: 3739 Cholula, Pue.

Address: Av. Morelos No. 10 Col. Centro San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, México 72760

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