Students' Meeting

The MCPR2016 Postgraduate Students' Meeting (MCPR2016-PSM) has been designed for bringing together Master and PhD students in order to discuss their research with a panel of both  students and senior researchers in the area of Pattern Recognition.
The main objectives of the MCPR2016-PSM are:
-Provide feedback on participants' research and advices for future directions.
-Promote interaction with other researches.
-Promote a spirit of collaborative research and participation in conference events.
Both Master and PhD students are invited to submit papers related (but not limited) to the following areas:
- Bioinformatics                        
- Neural Networks
- Computer Vision                       
- Neural Networks and Associative Memories
- Data Mining                           
- Parallel and Distributed Pattern Recognition
- Document Processing and Recognition   
- Pattern Recognition Principles
- Discrete Geometry                     
- Robotics & Remote Sensing Applications of Pattern Recognition
- Fuzzy and Hybrid Techniques in Pattern Recognition       
- Shape and Texture Analysis
- Image Coding, Processing and Analysis 
- Signal Processing and Analysis
- Industrial and Medical Applications   
- Special Hardware Architectures of Pattern Recognition
- Logical Combinatorial Pattern         
- Statistical & Structural Pattern Recognition Recognition
- Mathematical Morphology               
- Voice and Speech Recognition
- Natural Language Processing and Recognition

Paper submission:

All the 10 pages (at most) postgraduated students' meeting papers must include:  
-Research problem to solve
-Research Methodology
-Main contribution
-Results achieved and their validity

Papers must be elaborated based on the RCS Formatting Instructions

Submission papers is through This Easychair System  link

Accepted papers will be published in Research in Computing Science  vol. 112 
(ISSN: 1870-406) and will be presented in the conference as poster.

Best Paper Award:

Based on the quality presentation and originality content, the best paper award will be conferred to the author of a paper presented in the conference.

Review Process:

All the papers (PDF) will be submitted in English. All submissions will be rigorously reviewed (taking in to account technical content, originality, and relevance) by a designed Technical Committee.

After the review process, the best ranked papers will be supported via Scholarship which includes: accommodation and conference dinner.

Technical committee: 

-Vicente Alarcón
-Everardo Bárcenas
-Maya Carrillo
-Jorge De la Calleja
-Anilu Franco
-J. Angel González
-Juan M. González
-Felix González
-Josefina Guerrero
-Carlos Guillén

-Raudel Hernández
-Manuel Lazo
-Rafael Lemuz
-Agustín León
-Manuel Martin
-Iván Olmos
-Airel Perez
-David Pinto
-Ansel Rodríguez
-Roberto Rosas
-Daniel Valdés

Important dates:

- Deadline for submission: 
    February 26,  April 4 ,  April 25, 2016
- Notification of acceptance:   April 4,   May2,   May 25, 2016
- Camera ready:                     
April 11,  May 16,  May 31, 2016

- Postgraduate Students’ meeting: June 22-25, 2016


Send questions/comments about MCPR2016-PSM to the following e-mail:

MCPR2016-PSM Organizing committee:

J. Arturo Olvera-Lopez (BUAP, Puebla, Mexico)
Victor Ayala-Ramirez  (
Univ. of Guanajuato, Gto, Mexico)
J. Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa (INAOE, Puebla, Mexico)

J. Francisco Martinez-Trinidad (INAOE, Puebla, Mexico)