Artículos en Journals

  • “Improved argumentative paragraphs detection in academic theses supported with unit segmentation”
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  • “Assessing Thesis Conclusions by their Connectedness with Goal, Judgment and Speculation”
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  • “A semantics of intentional silence in omissive implicature”
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Artículos en Otras Publicaciones Periódicas

  • “Comprehensibility Analysis and Assessment of Academic Texts.”
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  • “A Physarum-Inspired Approach for Influence Maximization”
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  • “Reasoning in the Presence of Silence in Testimonies: A Logical Approach”
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Artículos Extendidos en Congresos Arbitrados

  • “Assisting Undergraduate Students in Writing Spanish Methodology Sections”,
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  • “Coverage, Opinion and Speculation: Key Features Analyzed by TURET 2.0”,
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  • “An Audio-Lexicon Spanish-Nahuatl: using technology to promote and disseminate a native Mexican language.”
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