The MCPR2015 Postgraduate Students' Meeting (MCPR2015-PSM) has been designed for bringing together Master and PhD students in order to discuss their research with a panel of both  students and senior researchers in the area of Pattern Recognition.
The main objectives of the MCPR2015-PSM are:
-Provide feedback on participants' research and advices for future directions.
-Promote interaction with other researches.
-Promote a spirit of collaborative research and participation in conference events.
Both Master and PhD students are invited to submit papers related (but not limited) to the following areas:
- Bioinformatics                        
- Neural Networks
- Computer Vision                       
- Neural Networks and Associative Memories
- Data Mining                           
- Parallel and Distributed Pattern Recognition
- Document Processing and Recognition   
- Pattern Recognition Principles
- Discrete Geometry                     
- Robotics & Remote Sensing Applications of Pattern Recognition
- Fuzzy and Hybrid Techniques in Pattern Recognition       
- Shape and Texture Analysis
- Image Coding, Processing and Analysis 
- Signal Processing and Analysis
- Industrial and Medical Applications   
- Special Hardware Architectures of Pattern Recognition
- Logical Combinatorial Pattern Recognition        
- Statistical & Structural Pattern Recognition 
- Mathematical Morphology               
- Voice and Speech Recognition
- Natural Language Processing and Recognition

Paper submission:

All the 10 pages paper (formatted using the LNCS Latex Template ) must include:  
-Research problem to solve
-Research Methodology
-Main contribution
-Results achieved and their validity

 Papers will be submitted through Easychair System.

Accepted papers will be published in Research in Computing Science 
(ISSN: 1870-406) and will be presented in the conference as poster.

Best Paper Award:

Based on the quality presentation and originality content, the best paper award will be conferred to the author of a paper presented in the conference.

Review Process:

All the papers (PDF) will be submitted in English. All submissions will be reviewed (taking in to account technical content, originality, and relevance) by a designed Technical Committee.

After the review process, the best ranked papers will be supported via Scholarship which includes: accommodation and conference dinner.

Technical committee: 

-Vicente Alarcón-Agustín León
-Maya Carrillo-Manuel Martin
-Sergio Coria-Iván Olmos
-Anilu Franco-Eber Orozco
-René García-Airel Perez
-Felix González-David Pinto
-J. Ángel González-Ansel Rodríguez
-Juan M. González-Guillermo Sánchez
-Josefina Guerrero-Roberto Rosas
-Raudel Hernández-Daniel Valdés
-Manuel Lazo

Important dates:

- Deadline for submission: February 27  April
3, 2015  May 8, 2015
- Notification of acceptance:    March 27  May 6, 2015  May 22, 2015
- Camera ready:                     April 17
 May 16, 2015  May 29, 2015

- Postgraduate Students’ meeting: June 24-27, 2015

- Venue:  Center for Computing Research of the National Polytechnic Institute (CIC-IPN)
               Mexico City, Mexico


Send questions/comments about MCPR2015-PSM to the following e-mail:

MCPR2015-PSM Organizing committee:

J. Arturo Olvera Lopez (BUAP, Puebla, Mexico)
J. Ariel Carrasco Ochoa (INAOE, Puebla, Mexico)

J. Francisco Martinez Trinidad (
INAOE, Puebla, Mexico)