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  • 8-Aug-2019: As every year, the Biosignal Processing and Medical Computing Lab hosted visiting students under the program Scientific Research Summer 2019 (VICI 2019). This year our 6 visiting students were supervised by three of the researchers of the computational sciences department and work in four different projects. ¡Lads, we hope you have a wonderful research stage with us and wish you to come to visit us in the future, perhaps doing your posgraduate degree with us!.
  • 1-Aug-2019: We are organizing the Causal Reasoning Workshop (CReW 2019) that will be held in 28th October 2019 in Xalapa, Mexico, as a satellite event to the Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MICAI).
  • 21-Jul-2019: With the translation of the pages on Research, Events and News archive the first level of the site is now fully available in both English and Spanish. We keep working to have the full site bilingual.
  • 11-Jul-2019: Our colleague Angélica has sadly passed away after many years corageously fighting her disease. Our thoughs are with her family. She will be remembered.
  • 23-May-2019: Our group attended the 2019 IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) held in Auckland, New Zealand, from 20th until 23rd of May. We presented 3 posters;
    • Eduardo Morales Vargas, PhD in Computational Sciences, "Estimation of blood vessels diameter by region growing in laser speckle contrast imaging"
    • Ingrid Aurora Valencia Hernánedez, MSc in Sciences and Technologies of Medicine, "Description of breast density based on a homogeneity representation"
    • Francisco Javier López Tiro, MSc in Sciences and Technologies of Medicine, "Visualization of in-vitro Blood Vessels in Contrast Images Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform Decomposition"

The presence of INAOE was also highlightd by the award to Dr. José de Jesús Rangel Magdaleno, who was awarded the IEEE I&MS Outstanding Young Engineer Award.

  • 10-Apr-2019: We supported the International Day of Biomechanics with a bunch of activities.
  • 27-Mar-2019: Updated the list of students.
  • 9-Mar-2019: This site has been migrated to PmWiki. We hope you like the new format. The Spanish version will follow soon.
  • 13-Feb-2019: Our group hits the CNN! See the interview to Prof. Carlos Reyes talking about his research on infant cry.
  • 30-Jan-2019: Congratulations to Dr. Samuel Montero who has just pass his PhD viva with his thesis on the analysis of effective brain connectivity using causal probabilistic models.


  • 26-Oct-2018: We are organizing the 1st Workshop for Affective Computing in Pervasive Health (AFFECTPH 2019) to be held in Trento, Italy on the 20th May 2019.
  • 24-Sep-2018: Prof. Luis Enrique Sucar got a new grant to study the continuous monitoring of patient's limb activity at home with smart devices.
  • 6-Jul-2018: Samuel's SLICE algorithm for refining the learning of a causal structure and Joel's work on circular chain classifier have both been accepted at the International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGM).
  • 13-Jun-2018: Abstract accepted in NeuroInformatics 2018 about OntoNIRS.
  • 10-May-2018 (Publications): Samuel's work in collaboration with Ilias Tachtsidis group at BORL-UCL has now been accepted for publication in the special issue of Algorithms.
  • 19-Apr-2018: Congratulations to Dr. Javier Herrera Vega who has successfully defended her PhD thesis fNIRS image reconstruction.
  • 18-Apr-2017: The I National Seminar on Biomedical Sciences and Technologies will be held on 10 and 11 of May 2018 at INAOE main campus.
  • 2-Apr-2018: New publication; a letter to the editor in Salúd Pública de México.
  • 13-Feb-2018: Congratulations to Andrea who has successfully defended her MSc thesis on fuzzy ordering of functions under multiple criteria. It has been an extenuating effort, but you made it through! Truly appreciate your perseverance.
  • 11-Feb-2018: Congratulations to Joel for his journal paper on the use of affective computing in virtual rehabilitation which has been accepted for publication at IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.
  • 13-Feb-2018: The new press note from INAOE explains the research from Dr. Pilar Gómez on chaotic time series.


  • 13-Dec-2017: Congratulations to Eduardo Morales Vargas who solidly defended his MSc thesis today. Edaurdo will continue in the lab now progressing towards his PhD.
  • 13-Aug-2017: A few movements in the group. Jesús Salvador and Claudia Martínez will continue in the lab, but are both entering the doctoral programme following his MSc graduation in the case of Jesú and switching from her research assisstanship in the case of Claudia. Further, Samuel Estala is finishing his posdoctoral contract and is leaving the group. The best of wishes to all of you in your new projects.
  • 12-Jul-2017: Announcing the Blender Workshop 2017 on the next 8, 9 and 10 of August 2017. Please register as soon as possible. The number of registrations are stricly limited to 15 people and will be attended on a first come first serve policy. Find all the information at the event website.
  • 12-Jul-2017: Congratulations to Samuel A. Montero Hernández, one of our PhD students, for his 3rd Prize on the international Causal Discovery Datathon '2017 for his work on causal discovery applied to the understanding of Brain Effective Connectivity in fNIRS.
  • 11-Jun-2017: We are now hosting the website of the EC Marie Curie IRSES Program Ubi-Health project.

The UbiHealth project.
  • 5-Jun-2017: The Biosignal Processing and Medical Computing Lab now supports Open Science. Find our Open Science projects at Open Science Framework.
  • 30-May-2017: The new press note from INAOE explains how Dr. Reyes exploits machine learning and computational intelligence for the development of automatic classifiers of infant cry and voice to detect a range of pathologies.</a>.
  • 23-May-2017: Prepare your abstract for the . Deadline is approaching fast!.
  • 22-May-2017: That's two in a row! The new press note from INAOE presents Dr. Peregrina's research on thermographics to detect abnormal thermal changes in the foot in diabetics.
  • 15-May-2017: We are in the news! Following the internal press note, the Excelsior has published a note about the work we do here at the lab.
  • 16-Feb-2017: Congratulations to MSc. Arlem Aleida Castillo Ávila and MSc. Patrick Heyer Wollenberg who both yesterday sucessfully defended their respective MSc thesis!
  • 12-Feb-2017: The Gesture Therapy blog is back online after the server problems have been finally sorted out. Although the blog information is temporally outdated, this will be updated in the next few days.

logo Gesture Therapy project

1-Feb-2017: First announcement of the coming event .

  • 20-Jan-2017: Congratulations to MSc. Viviana R. Hernández who yesterday sucessfully defended his MSc thesis!


And the same note as published by CONACYT Press Room.

  • 10-Oct-2016: We have held an Interdisciplinary research meeting with colleagues from the Centro de Investigación en Inteligencia Artificial (Univ. Veracruzana).
  • 13-Jun-2016: We have received the brand new 128ch. NIRX Scout system. This completes the pack of new equipment which arrived with the infrastructure funding.
  • 28-Abr-2016: Congratulations to Dr. Alejandro Torres who yesterday sucessfully defended his PhD thesis!
  • 23-Mar-2016: A short historical review of the lab has been incorporated. Enjoy!
  • 3-Mar-2016: Publications page has been added. This completes the first stage of this web site.
  • 1-Mar-2016: Added information about facilities and equipment.
  • 27-Feb-2016: You can see the pictures of the EEG workshop.
  • 20-Feb-2016: Initial material has been included; the list of people who are currently part of the lab is now available, as well as a brief description of the lab research lines. We have also started to organize the site map. Finally, we have slgithly modify the initial style.
  • 27-Jan-2016: Welcome to the new page of the lab. We will soon be adding new content about our research.