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The laboratory occupies two rooms with an approximate surface of 22m2;

  • Room 8215 (16m2 approx.): This room is dedicated as a study room for our students. It has a capacity of 8 desks.
  • Room 8214 (6m2 approx.): This room is dedicated to measurements. It has isolated electrical ground for the protection of the EEG system and controllable LED-based illumination and blinding for fNIRS measurements.


The lab is equipped with the following measurement equipment:

Neuroimaging, brain computer interface and brain signal classification

Functional optical neuroimaging NIRScout (NIRx)
  • 1 gTec EEG 128 channels with active and pasive electrodes
  • 1 CW-fNIRS NIRScout (NIRX) with 128 channels compatible with EEG.
  • 1 EEG system of 32 channels.
  • 3 EMOTIV EPOC EEG system of 14 channels.


  • 1 CONTEC ECG/EKG of 3-6-12 channels.
  • 1 NeXus-10 MKII Mind Media of 4 channels; including accesories to measure EEG, ECG, temperature and breathing among others.
  • 7 electromyography Myo armbands.

Eye tracking

  • 1 eye-tracker Gazepoint GP3 capable of sampling at 60Hz.

Electronic sensing

  • 1 e-nose.