Detecting and recognizing objects in the real world
Prof. Jan-Olof Eklund , KTH, Sweden


Oral session


Robust extrinsic camera calibration from trajectories in human-populated environments
Guillermo Baqueiro and Jean-Bernard Hayet.


Person Verification Process Using Iris Information
Mireya García-Vázquez and Alejandro A. Ramírez-Acosta.


Corner Detection for Scene Recognition in Mobile Robotics
Mario Chacon, Cynthia Guerrero and Rafael Sandoval.


Non-Rigid Image Registration Based on Form Transformations
Daniel Leonardo Pimentel Alarcón, Maria-Elena Algorri, Jose Luis Mosso and Gerardo Arrellin.


Incorporating Angular Ratio Images into Two-Frame Stereo Algorithms
Pablo Arturo Martínez González and Mario Castelán.


Coffee Break


Mexican RP community meeting





Métodos de Visión en Tiempo Real para Localización y Mapeo en Robótica y Computación Vestibe
Dr. Walterio Majol, BristolUniveristy, UK


Coffee Break


Poster session


Spanish POS tagger by means of hybrids methods for the accentuation of words
Raymundo Montiel Lira, Blanca Pedroza Méndez and Guadalupe Medina Barrera.


A Methodology for Dialogue Act Modeling from Part-of-Speech Annotations of Practical Dialogues in Mexican Spanish
Sergio R. Coria and Luis A. Pineda.


Efficient pattern recognition of dynamic structures formed by multiagent systems in soccer robotics domain
Huberto Ayanegui and Fernando Ramos.


Relative Depth Estimation of Objects in Underwater Scenes
Ricardo Pérez-Alcocer and Luz Abril Torres-Méndez.


Periodicity and Texel Size Detection Using Sum and Difference Histograms
Rocio A. Lizarraga-Morales, Raul E. Sanchez-Yanez and Victor Ayala-Ramirez.


Fusion of Multiple Mobile Cameras for Object Tracking
Jorge Eduardo Xalteno, Leopoldo Altamirano, Carlos Alberto Reyes and Luis Carlos Altamirano.


Feature Selection on the Web People Search task
David Pinto, Beatriz Beltran, Darnes Vilariño, Mireya Tovar and Hector Furlog.


New Methods for the validation of a Photo Printing Type and its Spatial Resolution in Personal ID Documents
Samuel Sánchez-Islas, Edgardo M. Felipe-Riverón and Salvador Godoy-Calderon.


Optimizing the Compact Genetic Algorithm Design with Cellular Automata
Alejandro León-Javier, Marco A. Moreno-Armendáriz and Nareli Cruz-Cortés.


A Bayesian Approximation of a Computational Model of the Visual Cortex
Elias Ruiz and Luis Enrique Sucar.


Refined Geometric Camera Calibration using Linear Simplex Method
Enrique Rivera, Rafael Lemuz, Carlos Guillén and Salvador Alcantara.


Dynamic Tracking of Multi-Agent Behaviors Based on Topological Graphs
Huberto Ayanegui and Fernando Ramos.


Better Interpretation of Numerical Data Sets by Relative and Absolute Typicality of Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
Benjamin Ojeda Magaña, Ruben Ruelas, Maria Adriana Corona Nakamura and Diego Andina de la Fuente.