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Language Technologies Lab


The Language Technologies Lab (of the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics), aims to enrich the informatics field by integrating human language and expressive functions.

The lab’s main objective is to find solutions for problems in the use of human language (in a computational field).

The lab’s specific objectives are:

  • To carry out applied and basic research in the field of natural language processing and understanding.

  • To support and strengthen the Computer Sciences Postgraduate program.

  • To promote analysis/criticism of individuals and groups through research seminars, and through daily interaction between researchers and students.

  • To provide means for student’s integration to lab projects by strengthening research activities with teaching activities.

  • To promote cooperation with similar research groups both national and foreign.

  • To gather resources that would favor a connection between Mexican companies and organizations.

  • To centralize lab member’s efforts in order to improve resource use (both human and material).

  • To gather and develop tools for speech and linguistic capability treatment.

Members of the LabTL explore some of the following subjects:

  • Information extraction

  • Text mining

  • Information recovery models

  • Information recovery in spoken collections

  • Geographic information recovery

  • Answer search

  • Textual implication

  • Speech and speaker recognition

  • Conversation models

  • Text classification (themed and non-themed)

  • Multilingual information treatment

  • Image recovery and noting with combined visual and text characteristics


Ph.D. Aurelio López López


Ph.D. Luis Villaseñor Pineda


Ph.D. Manuel Montes y Gómez



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