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Computer Perception

This research area’s specific objective is to design, make and assess algorithms, programs and systems that:

1. Are capable of perceiving their surroundings
2. Are able to analyze received information.
3. Present results obtained from the previous stage for its later use, including perception improvement.
4. Are able to analyze in order to understand and control external processes (quality control) and allow actions to be taken through them (robotics, automation).
5. Propose hardware based architectures and systems to improve the perception process, -in quality and time performance-.

Subjects researched in this area are:

  • Vision

Researcher: Ph.D. Leopoldo Altamirano Robles

Researcher: Ph.D. Miguel Arias Estrada

  • Image and Sign Processing

Researcher: Ph.D. Leopoldo Altamirano Robles

  • Computerized Graphing

Researcher: Ph.D. Luis Enrique Sucar Succar

  • Speech and Speaker Recognition

Researcher: Ph.D. Carlos Alberto Reyes García

  • Baby’s Cry Recognition


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