General Information

The Computer Sciences group does research in the following fields:

  • Automated Learning and Pattern Recognition
  • Natural Language Treatment
  • Computer Perception
  • System Engineering

Automated Learning and Pattern Recognition

This area’s main objective is to develop algorithms, programs and systems that would allow computers to improve their task performance through experience and enable them to adapt to ever changing situations.

Subjects developed in this area are:

  • Combined Logical Recognition of Patterns
  • Automated Learning
  • Data Mining

Natural Language Processing

This research area’s main objective focuses on method development for automatic shaping and processing of human language (both spoken and written).

The following points summarize this area’s specific objectives:

1. A better understanding of human language, in its different forms: spoken, written, gestures and their different levels: phonetics, phonological, morphological, syntax, semantical, pragmatical and discourse.

2. Creation of innovative computing techniques for text, speech and knowledge processing.

3. Developing new applications in the following areas: text or spoken information management (large amounts) and information, knowledge and communication administration (natural and multimodal).

The following research topics are studied in this area:

  • Processing and Recovering Information
  • Conversational Systems
  • Text Mining

Computer Perception

This research area’s specific objective is to design, make and assess algorithms, programs and systems that:

1. Are capable of perceiving their surroundings
2. Are able to analyze received information.
3. Present results obtained from a previous stage for later use, including perception improvement.
4. Are able to analyze in order to understand and control external processes (quality control) and allow actions to be taken through them. (robotics, automation)
5. Propose hardware based architectures and systems to improve the perception process, -in quality and time performance-.

Subjects researched in this area are:

  • Vision
  • Image and Sign Processing
  • Computerized Graphing
  • Speech and Speaker Recognition
  • Baby’s Cry Recognition

System Engineering

This area’s main objective is to develop software and hardware systems that allow users to make a more effective and efficient use of computers.

The group’s main objectives are:
1. To develop software tools that increase user productivity.
2. Development of programs that simulate complex systems in a realistic manner.
3. Automation of design and Complex system development.

Subjects researched in this area are:

  • Reconfigured Computing
  • Design with FPGA´s,
  • Software Engineering
  • Man –Machine Interfaces
  • Simulation
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Compression


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