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The Regional Museum of Queretaro, located in the former building of the eighteenth century the convent of San Francisco, shows the history of Querétaro in its 16 rooms.

      Origins of the Regional Museum of Queretaro.

The convent of San Francisco was the first colonial buildings, the arches and vaults of the main cloister and stay preguardianal are particularly notorious eighteenth century architecture.

Don Germán Patiño, a character who must also be the first collections that formed the museum's collection, was the one who negotiated with the authorities of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in 1936 the implementation of the Regional Museum of Queretaro. The museum's collections consist of an important collection of paintings from the colonial era and the early nineteenth century, as well as sculptures, furniture, documents, maps, books, photographs, archaeological artifacts and textiles.


The museum's rooms

It consists of 11 rooms. In the first (Introduction) presents representative pieces queretano development. The second talking about Archaeology presents the cultural areas of Mesoamerica, pre-Columbian history queretana through ceramics and sculpture. Also on display maps, drawings, models, a mural and a diorama depicting a mine of Sierra Gorda. The three refers to the indigenous Otomi and Pame groups, from pre-Hispanic period to the present. Exposed textiles, musical instruments, clothing, toys and photographs.

The Viceroyalty room offers economic, political and social queretanos during the Conquest. The museum illustrates this event with paintings, portraits, objects, maps and plans. The five shows personal belongings Dona Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, star of the conspiracy that began the independence movement.

The following section sets flags, weapons and documents of the fight in 1829 against the Spanish reconquest and the U.S. intervention in 1845. The seventh space dedicated to the French Intervention shows paintings, prints, documents, artifacts and period furniture. The nineteenth century hall consists mainly of a collection of paintings from the Academy of San Carlos, which express the values ​​and tastes of Mexican society of the time. The ninth, shows queretana participation in the Revolution. On display are photographs, furniture and documents that testify to these important historical events.

Besides the Regional Museum of Queretaro intended two rooms for temporary exhibitions, an auditorium and a magnificent library.

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