Honors and Awards



Projects under grants


1. Manager in the project: Supervised Classifiers based on Patterns 2012-2015. CONACYT Project No. 106366, awarded $ 429,300.0 Mexican pesos.

2. Participation in the project: Document Analysis based on Frequent Substructures 2009-2011. CONACYT Project No. 106443, awarded $ 490,000.0 Mexican pesos.

3. Manager in the project: Classifiers for Large Mixed and Incomplete Data Sets 2008-2009. CONACYT Project No. 083947, awarded $ 130,000.0 Mexican pesos.

4. Manager in the project: Development of Pattern Recognition Tools for Data Analysis from 2002-2004. CONACYT Project No. J38707-A, awarded $ 409,766.0 Mexican pesos.

5. Manager in the project: Algorithms for non supervised classification and feature selection strategies. No. 200109 (CGPI, National Polytechnic Institute), awarded $ 60,000.0 Mexican pesos.

6. Manager in the project: Tools for non supervised classification and Sensitivity Analysis in Logical Combinatorial Pattern Recognition. No. 990071 (CGPI, National Polytechnic Institute), awarded $ 45,000.0 Mexican pesos.

7. Manager in the project: Tools for Conceptual Structuralization of Spaces. No. 980741 (DEPI, National Polytechnic Institute), awarded $ 43,333.33 Mexican pesos.

8. Manager in the project: Symbolic Objects, CONACyT REDI 1999, awarded $48,000.00 Mexican pesos.

9. Participation in the project: Symbolic Objects CONACyT REDI 1998.

10. Participation in the project: Mathematical models and computer tools for data analysis (project CONACYT REF: 3757P-A9608).

11. Manager in the project: Tools based on Symbolic Objects, No. 970315 (DEPI., National Polytechnic Institute),. awarded $55,100.00 Mexican pesos.

12. Participation in the project: Conceptual Structuralization of Spaces, No. 962953 (DEPI., National Polytechnic Institute).