Possible thesis topics

If you are an student and you are interested in doing a thesis with me, these are a few suggestions, but feel free to approach me if you have an idea you want to discuss. Some additional information can be found about the different topics in my presentation (power-point) for the Methodology Seminar. Also, check my research interests.

Any of the following topics may be considered for a MSc or PhD thesis. There might be some students already working on these topics, but more candidates are seek. I might consider to take exceptional BSc students; often this must be done in co-supervision with some lecturer or professor of the original university.


Explore more about my neuroimaging research here.

Virtual Neurorehabilitation

Explore more about my virtual neurorehabilitation research here (inc. Human-computer interaction, affective computing, etc).

  • Cognitive processing of different stimulation modalities in virtual rehabilitation.
  • Cognitive markers of attention in virtual rehabilitation.
  • Learning and transfer in virtual rehabilitation.
  • Intersessional adaptation policy in virtual rehabilitation
  • Automatic calibration of range of motion.

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