In this section you'll find some of the software that our group has developed over the years. All software listed here is freely available for academic purposes.

fingerPointing DISCLAIMER. All software is provided as is. Use it at your own risk.

MOCARTS Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Simulator (MOCARTS) is a light weight radiator transport simulator inspired on Oregon Medical Laser Center's mcml, that eases some of the interface limitations of mcml. In particular, (i) it provides a flexible way to describe biological tissues in a more intuitive and reusable manner, (ii) it provides support to define and simulate multiple light sources and detectors that can be arranged in complex sensing geometries, and (iii) the formatting and organization of the input and output data is redefined over a more human-readable XML file format.
ICNNA (a.k.a. ICNA)
ICNNA / ICNA Imperial College Near Infrared Spectroscopy Neuroimaging Analysis (ICNNA), previously known as Imperial College Neuroimage Analysis (ICNA), was developed while I was at Imperial College. ICNNA is a Matlab based analysis tool for fNIRS neuroimaging data. Contrary to other software tools such as HomER or fOSA it places the emphasis on the analysis over the processing with the experimnent instead of the individual neuroimage being the central piece of information. It has statistical, topological and graph-theory based capabilities.

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