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  • fingerPointing (Students): Congratulations to Andrea who has successfully defended her MSc thesis on fuzzy ordering of functions under multiple criteria. It has been an extenuating effort, but you made it through! Truly appreciate your perseverance.
  • fingerPointing (Publications): Good news keep coming. Congratulations to Joel for his journal paper on the use of affective computing in virtual rehabilitation which has been accepted for publication at IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing. Also congratulations to Harsimrat Singh and Mike Sodergren for their recent paper in understanding search strategies for polyp detection in colonoscopy. The paper has been published in Endoscopy. Thanks guys for considering my humble help as worth co-authorship!.
  • fingerPointing : The IX National Congress on Technologies Applied to Health Sciences has now been announced. You can find all the information about it, in the event website.
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  • fingerPointing (Students): ...and that completes the round of yearly assessments; Shender, Samuel and Joel have all get the green light to go on. Javier and Andrea have now submitted their thesis. Bibiana has finished her research assistantship and submitted her report. Well done everyone!
  • fingerPointing (Publications): Excellent beginning of the year! Congratulations to Javier for his journal paper on the use of probabilistic graphical model for data validation which has been accepted for publication at Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

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