Virtual Rehabilitation

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Virtual rehabilitation is concerned with exploiting virtual environments in the form of serious games to assisst in motor rehabilitation therapies. Virtual environments can help rehabilitation in many ways including but are not limited to, providing a motivating experience, favouring online monitoring and progress and reducing therapy associated costs. During the last few years, Prof. Sucar's team has been developing Gesture Therapy, a virtual rehablitation platform for the upper limb originally developed for stroke patients. Find all the information in the project's blog.

logo Gesture Therapy project

Other people involved

  • National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (INNN)
    • Dr. Jorge Hernández Franco (medical leader)
    • Mrs. Lorena Palafox
  • Previous collaborators
    • Dr. Ronald Leder (UNAM)
    • Dr. Héctor Hugo Áviles (INAOE)
    • Mr. Roger Luis Velazquez (INAOE)
    • Mrs. Shender María Ávila Sansores (INAOE)
    • Mr. Juan Manuel Oropeza Salas (BUAP)
    • Dr. Israel Sánchez Villavicencio (INNN)
    • Dr. Paloma Álvarez Cárdenas (INNN)

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