I Mexican Symposium on NearInfrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Neuroimaging (MexNIRS)

Together with Prof. Maria Angela Franceschini, I'm chairing the I Mexican Symposium on NIRS Neuroimaging (MexNIRS). You can find all the information about it, in the event website.

Book the dates: 20-21st Oct.

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Research Interests

My research interests are data analysis and interpretation of neuroimages; mostly optical neuroimaging (fNIRS) but also to a smaller extent EEG and fMRI. This involves multidisciplinary research from computing (mainly), mathematics and statistics, and a bit of physics (optics) and neuroscience. Whether you are a student looking for a thesis topic or a researcher interested in collaborating, please have a look at my research.

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My office is 8206. Alternatively, drop me an e-mail at f.orihuela-espina at inaoep.mx.

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