Instruction guide for MexNIRS Polls

1. Every poll will be available in on the assigned schedule. From your phone, laptop, or tablet you'll enter the web address and be taken to a screen that allows you to respond to the activity. You have to click the ‘Start survey’ button to initialize the poll.

2. Responding to the polls on the web site is very intuitive. It will appear just one question on the screen at time. You will find two types of questions, multiple choice or open-ended question.

• Multiple choice poll: You have to click or tap a response option to select it as their response. You will see the chosen response option briefly highlighted on the page, and then the results will appear on the presenter's poll chart. If the poll allows more than one response, the response counters to the left of the response options will show the participant how many of a single option they have selected.

• Open-ended question: You have to enter a response in the text field and hit 'Submit'. You will then see your personal responses listed below the submit button. Responses will appear on the presentation screen in whatever style the presenter has chosen.

3. Once you select or type your answer you have to click the 'Next' button on the right bottom of the screen to continue. If you want to go back and change your answer, you can use the 'Previous' button on the left bottom side of the screen.

4. For ending the poll you have to click the 'Finish' button on the right bottom side of the screen at last question.

5. You can already close the website. We will be thankful for your participation.