Alicia Morales-Reyes

Alicia Morales Reyes was admitted to the PhD degree in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh in 2011. She developed her research within the System Level Integration group at the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems. In 2006, she received the MSc degree in Computer Science from the National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics in Tonantzintla, Mexico. She obtained a BEng on Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in 2002. Currently, she is a titular researcher in the Computer Science department at the National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics. She collaborates within the Reconfigurable and High Performance Computing research group. She has been recognized by the Mexican National Researchers System with Level 1, 2017-2019, supported by the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology

Research interests

Among her research interests are the evolutionary algorithmic techniques such as Genetic Algorithms, and in particular those known as cellular Genetic Algorithms due to their characteristic of being massively parallel. She is also interested in desinging and implementing hardware architectures inspired on biological principles in order to improve the performance of applications mainly within the signals and imaging processing arena.

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