Research in various aspects of mobile robotics is carried out in the INAOE´s Robotics Lab:

(a) Locomotion, including water robots, hexapods and apods
(b) Map construction, navigation and interior environment localization
(c) Robot control and coordination based on Decision Theory
(d) Robot learning from different view points
(e) Robots that collaborate in different ways
(f) Human-Robot Interaction


Luis Enrique Sucar Succar, Ph.D.

Eduadro Morales Manzanares, Ph.D

José Martínez Carranza, Ph.D.

José Enrique Muñoz de Cote Flores Luna, Ph.D.

Felipe Orihuela Espina, Ph.D.

Angélica Muñoz Meléndez, Ph.D. Person in charge



Ph.D. Angélica Muñoz Meléndez 

Robotics Lab (Braulio Iriarte Room)
Tel. +52 (222) 266.31.00 ext. 7015


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