Reconfigurable aND HIGH PERFORMANCE LaboratorY (fpga)

The FPGA laboratory supports INAOE Computer Sciences post-grade students in carrying out their prototype tasks, experimentation, instrumentation and trials with FPGA platforms. Particularly, the lab centralizes instrumentation equipment (oscilloscopes, sources, FPGA cards, software) where post-grade student’s validations and prototypes are made.

Ph.D. Miguel Arias Estrada, Person in charge.
Ph.D. René Cumplido Parra
Ph.D. Claudia Feregrino Uribe


The FPGAs lab is a work space for INAOE postgraduate students and guests, where they can explore, apply and try digital architectures on FPGA platforms. The lab holds FPGA trial platforms, instrumentation/ equipment, computers and work spaces that can be used by Masters and Doctorate students.

Also, the lab provides internal service for other INAOE connection projects, particularly in FPGA based card prototype for the control and integration of FPGA-software subsystems.

The INAOE FPGAs group has given Introduction courses on VHDL and FPGAs, it is also the main promoter of FPGA technology use in Mexico. The Lab started organizing the “International IEEE ReConFig Conference” and participates in the International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing Editorial.


Research areas

  • Architectures for accelerating computer vision algorithms

  • FPGA for robotics

  • FPGA based Neurocomputers

  • Pulsating Neural Networks and their FPGA application

  • Architectures of data comprehension algorithms and Cryptography

  • Steganography (water markings) algorithms and their FPGA architectures

  • Reconfigurable Computing

  • Hardware architectures for digital sign processing and digital communications

  • Hardware/software platforms for pattern recognition algorithms


Ph.D. Rene Cumplido; rcumplido[@]

Ph.D.Miguel Arias Estrada; ariasmo[@]

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