ciencias computacionales

Computer science department



The mission of this department is to contribute to the advancement of science in Mexico in the area of computer science and technology information through the following goals:

1) To conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of expertise of this department.

2) To train masters and doctors of science capable of solve high relevance scientific and technological problems in the fields of computer science

3) To conduct applied research geared to meet the needs expressed by the sector productive and of services in the México.

Since this year Dr. Saul E. Hernández-Pomares was designed the head of this department, which has a staff of 23 researchers, two research technicians and about 76 post grade students (36 M.Sc. students and 40 Ph.D. students).


The Department is divided into seven fields and laboratories:

•    Machine learning and pattern recognition

•    Reconfigurable and high-performance computing

•    Computing and Ubiquitous processing

•    Biosignals processing and medical computation

•    Robotics

•    Language Technologies

•    Computer Vision.



Masters and Doctorate programs in Computer Science was developed and approved in 1997 but they start operating in August 1998. Then in 2001 the Internal Advisory Council of INAOE decided that the program would become the Computer Science Department due to the growth in researchers and students in the program.

Head of Department: Saúl E. Pomares-Hernández, Ph.D.

Direct phone number: +52 (222) 266 3152
Switchboard: +52 222 266 3100 Ext. 8308 and 8302

Administrative support
Mrs. Brenda Cervantes-Cuahuey,
Mrs. Norma Tecampo-Pérez,


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