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Jesus A. Gonzalez obtained his bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 1992 from las Americas University, Puebla. In 1999 and 2001 respectively, he got his Masters degree and Ph. D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas. He is currently enrolled in the Computer Science deparment at the Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics (INAOE), Puebla. 

líneas de investigación 

  • Graph-based algorithms  

  • Algorithms for inbalanced classes

  • Machine Learning and Data Mining Applied to:

    • Medical domains

      • Leukemia Identification from Bone Marrow Images

      • Microcalcifications Detection from Mammograms

      • Others   

    • Bioinformatics

      • Micro-satellites identification

      • Protein Folding Prediction

      • Others  

  • Remote Sensing

    • Satellite Image Classification Algorithms

    • Adding Context to Satellite Image Classification Algorithms

  • Geographic Information Systems

    • Graph-based Spatial Data Mining



CRECTEALC (Centro Regional de Enseñanza en Ciencia y Tecnología del Espacio para America Latina y el Caribe).

CRECTEALC is the Regional Center for Education in Spatial Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribean. I am currently the Educational Coordinator of the Mexican Campus and I also participate as professor of part of the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems courses. You can find more about CRECTEALC at


NAUTILUS is a project funded by SEMAR-CONACYT. It consists of an electronic navigation system for the marine ships that concentrates information from the ship sensors and uses it in a navigation chart to provide a decision tool to the user. The system also provides an internal network to connect to other systems and a wireless network to connect and exchange tactical information with other ships.  

Leukemia identificaction

This is a project in which we collaborate with physicians from the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) to identify leukemia from bone marrow samples according to the FAB classification. 

habitar y vivir

Habitar y Vivir is a project in which we apply graph-based data mining to obtain patterns from a houses spatial description database. 

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning II

Seminario 1

Data Mining

Automata Theory and Formal Languages

Software Engineering

Operating Systems

Data Bases

Geographic Information Systems

Remote Sensing


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